anza [an-za]; verb;  start, begin, initiate, launch, commence

Big Vision

Every low and middle-income family in Tanzania has the opportunity to improve their lives through the access to appropriate products and services provided by a network of social businesses.

Core Purpose

To start and scale social businesses based on the holistic needs of the Kilimanjaro Region.

What We Do

We believe that social businesses provide one of the most effective answers to the range of social problems faced by low-income households. Therefore Anza pursues 3 core channels to bring the right social business solutions to the Kilimanjaro Region:

Local Entrepreneurs

Local Entrepreneurs


We search for, support and strengthen local entrepreneurs who have ideas or existing businesses that improve lives. By partnering with these on-the-ground visionaries we enable a platform to strengthen and grow local solutions to local problems.

In-House Businesses

In-House Businesses


Anza wears the social entrepreneur hat too at times! We spot underserved areas and take action by starting social businesses in these areas of need. By proactively starting businesses ourselves, we are able to better support entrepreneurs on the same journey.

Existing Businesses

Existing Businesses


We know that there are many already proven solutions out there to many social problems. That’s why we work to identify and bring existing solutions into the Region. By partnering with existing initiatives, we allow strong solutions to spread and serve the Kilimanjaro community.

How We Do It

A series of initiatives building a culture of social entrepreneurship in the Kilimanjaro Region.

A one year accelerator for high-impact social businesses in the Kilimanjaro Region.

Social Business Charter

A framework for defining the social businesses we envision creating the most impact in the Kilimanjaro Region.

  Address a “Mountain” of a problem identified in the Kilimanjaro Region
  Start with scale in mind! Planned path to impact 200,000 low and middle income households
  Deep and Long-Lasting Impact – No superficial solutions!
  Game-Changing, “New Norm” Approaches – A focus on systemic change and innovation from the onset
  Financially Sustainable – Self-sufficient following completion of the start programme
  Eco-Conscious – Consider the environment in all business activities
  Success Defined Through Impact Metrics
  Have fun doing good!
© Anza 2015 A Registered Charity in the UK - 1137679; Canada - 1917449 and Tanzania - 96105
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